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Submit Your Own GoView360 Yoga Video

Now you can submit your own original video to our GoView360™ YOGA
Mobile Video / Social Media Sharing App 
on the following subjects:

  • Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul

  • Yoga

  • Fitness

  • Healthy and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles 


  • Shoot your videos horizontally.

  • Smartphones, video cameras such as GoPros and Flip Cams are fine.

  • Shoot with 1 Camera up to 9 cameras at once.

  • Make sure each camera has sound so as to synchronize footage. 

    • Syncing Tip: When all cameras are rolling clap your hands 3 times and say something.

Send an email with a downloadable link of your video.

Once approved, we will contact you as to the next steps to get your video on the trending menu.

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