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  • SWIPE TO VIEW up to 16 LIVE camera streams SEAMLESSLY. 

  • Multi-stream broadcast quality video with no buffering.

  • Slo motion, pinch to zoom, one finger repositioning while watching.

  • LIVE Event viewing on mobile phones, iPad, desktop.

  • LIVE Event viewing on SmartTVs via Airplay & Chromecast while directing on your Mobile.

  • Every viewer experience is UNIQUE because YOU are directing.

  • Amazing shared experience for home viewing with friends.

  • Real time analytics.

  • Google Ads

  • Social Media Features: Likes, Emojis, Sharing to all platforms.


GoView360™ MultiView Streaming

Now with Zoom, Pan, Slow Motion

fights 2

GoView360™ The Allman Brothers - 8 Streams.

GoView360™ Multi-View Mobile Streaming Tribute to Gregg Allman and Butch Trucks. A new view on the show every time you see it.

GoView360 - Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate 55th Anniversary Beach Workout

Record your big event and see all the participants.



Watch now on your TV! Our first GoView360 Video.

Join Christine Martitz of Dive Into Yoga as she demonstrates her daily yoga routine in 360. Learn the proper way to do the poses by swiping left or right to view it from whatever angle you need to. You may also pause the video at any time and rotate around the posture so as to get the full perspective on what it should look like.

Special Introductory Offer of $1. Buy now at links below:


David Seeger, DGA director, cameraman and three-time Emmy Award-winning Editor has now added App Developer to the list. 

David’s unique perspective on the moving image was developed at an early age while working with his father, Hal Seeger. creator of the classic cartoons, Milton the Monster, Batfink, and Fearless Fly.


When film transitioned to video, David moved seamlessly into this new medium and made a name for himself as a Director, Cameraman and Editor. Video has now evolved further, complemented by the Internet,  revolutionized by the mobile phone and David is right there with his new foray into the world of 360 and App Development.

Also an avid Martial Artist in Shorin-Ryu karate, David holds a 9th degree black belt. He is currently in the process of creating additional GoView360 app videos as educational tools for teaching proper technique in the katas and self-defense skills.


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Android & iPhone.

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The Next Wave of Television!

The possibilities are endless with this revolutionary new marketing tool. Grow your business with GoView360 and go on doing what you do best.

GoView360™ Swipe to View™ Proprietary software technology for streaming multiple video feeds. License includes hardware, software, and implementation.

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Any questions? Email us at;

GoView360 and GoView360LIVE are a products based on a method, hardware, and apparatus allowing the consumer to swipe to view across any and all feeds provided with no buffering.

GoView360 and GoView360LIVE combine, synchronize, stream and record real-time and pre-recorded digital video live to our Mobile App Players, now available at both the  App Store  and  Google Play  

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